Amazing Trees
Wax palms in Salento, Colombia
Tunnel of cherry blossoms, Bonn, Germany in April’re-constantly-buffeted-by-extreme-antarctic-winds.jpg?w=640’re-constantly-buffeted-by-extreme-antarctic-winds.jpg?w=640
Trees on Slope Point, the southern tip of New Zealand, grow at an angle because they’re constantly buffeted by extreme antarctic winds
Tree of Tule, over 2000 years old
Bairro Jardim Botânico_ Ipê Amarelo na Floração
Tree in Denmark
Tree grows around bike on Vashon Island, Washington state
This huge 125-year-oldold rhododendron is technically not a tree‘candelabra’-redwoods-known-as-the-Enchanted-Forest.jpg?w=640‘candelabra’-redwoods-known-as-the-Enchanted-Forest.jpg?w=640
The grove of ‘candelabra’ redwoods, known as the Enchanted Forest
The antarctic beech is native to Chile and Argentina, North Pacific
Silk floss tree, South America
Sikura tunnel, Okera, Japan
Rainforest undergrowth. Tangled lianas (woody vines) covered in moss, Peru
rainbow eucalyptus
Quiver tree
Punta Arenas, Chile–-Spiral-tree-at-Coramba-rainforest-reserve-NSW-Australia.jpg?w=640–-Spiral-tree-at-Coramba-rainforest-reserve-NSW-Australia.jpg?w=640
Parasite effect – Spiral tree at Coramba rainforest reserve, NSW, Australia
Oak trees, South Carolina
Klamath, California
Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon, USA
Jacarandes in South Africa’s-Sequoia-national-park..jpg?w=640’s-Sequoia-national-park..jpg?w=640
California’s Sequoia national park.
Birch Trees in snow
Baobob tree

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