Daredevil Breitling Wingwalkers

PIC BY DARREN HARBAR / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured the wingwalkers in action) – Performing stunts on the wings of a plane thousands of feet in the air wouldnt be everyones idea of fun – but its all in a days work for these girls. Members of the Worlds only aerobatic wing walking team, Sarah Tanner, Danielle Hughes and Stella Guilding perform a series of death-defying stunts while strapped to the wings of a plane, as it loops and rolls through the sky at 150mph. And theres no denying the pretty trio of Breitling Wingwalkers have a head for heights as they dance, wave, perform handstands and even hang upside down from the wings of a plane. The fearless females perform up to 100 wingwalks a year as their aviation adventures take them to events across the UK, Europe, China, UAE and most recently Australia. SEE CATERS COPY.

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